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  Casa Zoé offers several rehabilitation modalities for any type of addiction, regardless of what the person may be experiencing moment.  Contact us   to learn about the different services we have to support you in the recovery you are looking for.

How can we help?


Telephone Service 

During the confidential telephone consultation, we will:

  • Respond to specific questions and concerns.

  • Evaluate which program might be the most suitable for you or your loved one.

  • Help with any additional support or referrals you may need.


The best way to get to know Casa Zoé is to meet us in person.

Call us to arrange a visit and see the place first hand.

Atención Telefónica

Individual and group psychotherapy

     Kindness and care are our keywords to help you through a potentially difficult time. Whether it's alcohol or drugs, our staff will be there and can give you first-hand knowledge of how the body's detoxification process works.

Terapia Individual

     Our rehabilitation program includes highly trained staff to assist in the process 24 hours a day, seven days a day. week. In addition, consultation and guidance is provided for the management and control of addictive behaviors and to start living in recovery. 


Individual activities: 

  • Psychological therapy.

  • Individual addiction counseling. 

  • Personalized psychology and/or counseling tasks. 

  • Economic administrative plan. 

  • Learn/reinforce their ethical and moral values. 

  • Learn/reinforce respect for yourself and those around you. 

Group activities:

  • Morning Reflection (Narcotics Anonymous Just For Today Reading) 

  • Assistance to external groups of Alcoholics Anonymous and/or Narcotics Anonymous. 

  • Therapeutic and/or addiction counseling sessions. 

  • Reading workshop of the 12 steps. 

  • Adequate nutrition (3 times a day) 

  • Learn to maintain a balance between activities and rest. 

  • Exercise in the gym 5 days a week. 

  • Yoga class once a week. 

  • Film-debate. 

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Family Therapy Program

     Family involvement is crucial to the recovery process. Many times addiction stems from problems within the family, so understanding family dynamics and providing a space for the family to communicate and heal is essential. This not only helps the patient but also brings freedom and peace to the rest of the family.

Terapia Familiar

     Family programs are highly recommended. Recognizing that families are equally affected by addiction and have a central role in the recovery process is essential to the success of recovery for all. The complex relational patterns developed during a family member's active addiction will require a constant focus on family interactions to bring about productive change. 


     Systemic recovery is one of our core values, by expanding the recovery process from the individual to the family, we improve the efficiency for all. Casa Zoé creates a space for families to participate during treatment. Because the recovery process is complex and multifaceted, we believe open communication is essential. We appreciate and support families who seek positive change and who have goals of their own.

Objectives of the family program:
• Include the entire family unit in the rehabilitation and recovery process.
• Establishment of appropriate internal and external limits.
• Know what to except during each stage of the recovery process.
• Develop a set of shared values about their family identity (who they are).
• Awaken and apply the strengths of each member of the family.
• Understand how healthy families work.
• Maintain family roles.


Payment options

All credit cards are accepted with the option to pay per month and 12 months without interest


“Addiction should never be treated as a crime. should be approached as a health problem"

-Ralph Nader-

Cale 8va. no. 536 entre  Gastélum  y Miramar, Central Zone, Ensenada Baja California, Mexico.

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