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Casa Zoé

Your new life starts here

  Casa Zoé is a place that offers residential addiction treatment with continuous and complete care for people who suffer from an addiction or more mental health disorders.


      Nos enfocamos en un tratamiento integral e intensivo con una modalidad de 30,  60 and 90 days and a systemic approach to working together with families. We provide multiple levels of care to help overcome the condition and prepare for independent living. 


     At Casa Zoé we provide a healthy and positive environment where our patients learn the recovery process in an atmosphere of mutual respect. We believe that many who suffer from addiction can learn basic life skills. Casa Zoé aims to help users change focus and prosper by conveying the hope in recovery that our own psychologists promote and encourage. 

Looking for help for Addiction?

   Addictions are a complicated disease, characterized by an uncontrollable compulsion to continue using despite dangerous consequences. Therefore, rehabilitation requires a program that takes into account the complexities of addiction and addictive behavior. Casa Zoé's team of professionals provides a comprehensive rehabilitation program, designed to address the physical and emotional health of the person suffering from an addiction.


     Rehabilitation at Casa Zoé offers a variety of specialized treatment modalities that support the person with addiction problems and their family from beginning to end in the course of rehabilitation. These treatment plans are made individually and involve the person at all times, knowing that they must have an interest in their own recovery and rehabilitation. After all, addiction treatment staff therapists, patients and their families work together to achieve the same goals. 

Payment options

All credit cards are accepted with the option to pay per month and 12 months without interest


“Addiction should never be treated as a crime. should be approached as a health problem"

-Ralph Nader-

Calle 8va. no. 546 entre  Gastélum  y  Miramar, Zona Centro , Ensenada Baja California, Mexico.

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